Saturday, October 19, 2013

New At Zazzle - Designer Lamps With Stripes Pattern

A collection of designer lamps with a stripes pattern on 6 of the latest colors in home decor trend.The lamp shades are available in polyester,rice paper and linen.You can choose from 2 styles - pendant lamp or table lamp.

The simple and chic stripes pattern running along the border gives your lamp a sleek look and adds a designer touch to your home decor. The stylish lamps are unique and right for a contemporary gift for special occasions.

Pink And White Stripes Lamps
Pink And White Stripes Lamps by semas87
View another lamp at Zazzle
Green And White Stripes
Green And White Stripes by semas87
Look at Stripes Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp online at
Blue And White Stripes
Blue And White Stripes by semas87
View more Stripes Lamp-In-A-Box Lamp at

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