Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2 New Family Name Personalized Pillows With decorative Patterns At Reflections Zazzle Store

Designed and published 2 decorative throw pillows at my store. The designer pillows are fully customizable and you can add your family name to make them your favorite family room addition .

I have designed a white swirly frame that gives a decorative touch to the 2 pillows but both have different background effect to make them unique and special.

1.Decorative Pattern Throw Pillow

A decorative throw pillow in gray and white personalized with your family name. A swirly white pattern frames the customizable text.

2. Rustic burlap throw pillow

A rustic burlap throw pillow  personalized with your family name.The bold and swirly white pattern looks stylish as a frame for your family name on the faux burlap print background.

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